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Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions listed on this website refers to all repairs or sales, works undertaken through a manufacturer or insurance company is subject to their terms as we are an acting repair agent on their behalf.

• An inspection/labour fee of £65 is required for our engineer to attend, this is simply diagnosing the fault reported or repair if possible without parts.
• Any call out of our engineers is subject to £65 being pre paid via card at the time of booking. No payment no repair.
• We do not accept cheques.
• We require model number, serial number and product number at the time of booking to establish if parts are available for a repair. This is subject to the fault reported, without attending and inspecting your appliance we cannot be 100% certain of the fault.
• Please be aware parts may not be available or subject to a long lead in time from the distributor or manufacturer, The Service Centre Grimsby cannot be accountable for parts availability to complete the repair.
• We only source from approved distributors or direct with the manufacturer, we do not source from unaccredited suppliers.
• If a customer supplies a part to be fitted there shall be no guarantee period.
• All repairs are guaranteed for 30 days this is for the same fault reported, all parts supplied and installed are guaranteed for 90 days. (Electrolux parts are guaranteed for 12 months).
• All repair quotations shall be agreed with the customer before ordering, once a quotation is approved by the customer we shall require card payment or cash before ordering the required parts and attending.
• Please note we can only repair refrigeration appliances with the R600a gas, if your repair is related to an appliance with any other gas then please confirm this at the time of the call as we would decline the repair.
• All quotations include VAT.
• We fully test and safety checks every appliance.
• We will not be held liable should your appliance or existing parts be damaged whilst we are trying to gain access to components or as a consequence of trying to repair your appliance.
• We do not repair commercial appliances or appliances in a commercial environment.
• We do not accept any accountability for food loss or spoilage relating to any repair or failed component.
• We do not accept any damage to your appliance or property unless reported at the time of our engineer’s attendance. This must be recorded on the engineer’s paperwork or you can send an email to sales@servicecentregrimsby.co.uk. If the damage is not reported at the time of visit we cannot be held responsible.
• If a component leaks or causes damage to your property or appliance we cannot accept responsibly as all repairs are tested whilst at the property. Any leaks must be reported immediately. Any leaks from your supplies are your responsibility we only install from supplies.
• If your appliance is built in or freestanding it must be installed to the manufactures specification, we will not remove or repair any appliance that is not installed to the correct standards. This includes mastic kickboards, pipe work under legs, and wiring under the appliance. The call out fee will still be applied and will not be refundable. We will request you make arrangement to make the appliance accessible for our return.
• We only install to existing supplies and will not alter any supplies a competent electrician or plumber will be required to make any alterations. This includes fill hoses and drain hose lengths we only install what is supplied by the manufacturer.
• All parts are non returnable once ordered, if you do not require the part as it is incorrect we can request a restocking fee with the distributor however this may not be accepted and is on a part by part basis.
• Our engineers may request you sign a disclaimer if the appliance is situated on specialist flooring, we hold the right to refuse removal of any appliance if the disclaimer is not signed prior to the works
• All repairs are booked on day basis, we try to narrow your appointment time by an am or pm call. Please be aware we might run over from agreed time however our engineer will call if running late. Am and pm calls are an indicator of proposed attendance times. Our engineers shall call you the morning of the attendance to confirm a 2 hour time slot, once again this is an indicator of when we hope to attend repairs can over run and this is out of our hands.
• If you cannot attend your appointment we require prior notice by 16.30hrs the day before attending, this is subject to outstanding circumstances. If you do not inform our office the call out fee will still be applied and non refundable. Please note our engineers working hours are 08.00am until 18.00pm Monday to Friday, we do not work weekends or bank holidays.
• For all terms and conditions relating to the sales of appliances and related information on supply, guarantee information and all other associated legal information, please refer the following link: http://www.euronics.co.uk/service-support.
• Fridge Freezer repairs, any appliance that has ice build up must be defrosted prior to arrival as we cannot repair the appliance if there is a solid build up of ice. Any wasted visit will be charged for and another fee would be required prior to our re attendance.
• Please refer to the GDPR tab for all data protection information.
• Once again if you fail to inform that you are not going to be at your property on the agreed date and we attend and you are not there, we shall no re attend until an abortive cost of £42 is paid.
• We may have to cancel your appointment without notice if an engineer is off due to sickness on the day of appointment, if parts are damaged when inspected, if there is not sufficient work for our engineer in your area on that date.

Additional Terms and Conditions

The Service Centre Grimsby Ltd ensures the information of the material listed on the website is accurate at the time of writing. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage that may arise from the information or advice listed on the website or will not be liable for errors or emissions with the information listed.
We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. By accepting the repair you are indicating your acceptance to the terms and conditions listed.
Your personal information will be held by the Service Centre Grimsby Ltd only.

Law and Statutory Rights

Nothing within the website will affect your statutory rights if unclear about your rights please contact your local trading standards department or citizen’s advice bureau.